The Vernon Parish Narcotics Task Force began an investigation into an illegal methamphetamine ring in Pitkin six months ago and through countless hours of investigative work arrested Robert David Matheson.
In January 1998, Matheson was convicted of accessory after the fact involving a theft of over $500. In August 2000, Matheson was convicted of possession of Methylenedioxy Amphetamine also known as MDMA or Ecstacy and possession of cocaine.
As a result of his second conviction, which took place in Allen Parish, Matheson was sentenced to serve nine years in the department of corrections.
“It’s a relief to get him off the streets,” said Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft. “He’s got two prior felony convictions and if convicted of these charges he will be a three time loser.”
Matheson will face charges of operation of a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.
On April 4, task force agents along with numerous other law enforcement agencies went to the Matheson’s residence located on 226 Willie Doyle Road in Pitkin. Agents discovered the components of a methamphetamine laboratory at the residence and as a result of the discovery arrested Matheson’s girlfriend Sabrina Newhouse.
Newhouse was booked into the Vernon Parish Jail and has since bonded on the charges. Matheson on the other has been wanted ever sence, according to Craft.
The Sheriff also said that agents have been following leads, which have led them all over the state attempting to apprehend Matheson.
On Saturday, July 26, agents received information that Matheson was located at his sister’s restaurant, “Down Home,” located near Toledo Town in Sabine Parish.
After following the information and a combined effort between the Sabine and Vernon Parish Sheriff Offices, Matheson was taken into custody without incident at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday morning.
Matheson was immediately transported back to Vernon Parish. At the time of his arrest, Matheson was found to be in possession of a false identification card.
Matheson was released on parole for his second conviction in February 2005 and has since been on parole.
“It’s quite evident, he has not been following the conditions of his release set forth by the state,” said Craft.