Don’s Family Pharmacy, owned by Don and Sarah Goins, opened their new store on June 30 on Fertitta Blvd.
The expansion of their new store brings not only a beautiful addition to Leesville’s Historic District, but the ease of having your prescriptions filled by a friendly and familiar face as well as having a store to fill all of your gift giving needs.
“We wanted to build something for us and our future, but also for the future of the area,” said Sarah.
Construction on the new store began in November of 2007, but as soon as the dirt work began, so did the rain which caused several delays as well as many headaches and heightened levels of frustration through the completion of the project.
The original Don’s opened in 1990 but the Goins family brought Hallmark to Leesville more than 26 years ago originally opening next to Red and White Feed Store located on the north end of town before moving into Don’s and operating two stores in one location.
The new store is bigger with the pharmacy having more than room including the expansion of the compounding lab being four times as large as the original.
Compounding drugs is becoming more and more common place. The advantages of having drug compounding is if you have a child that doesn’t like to take their medicine Don’s can create medications that look and taste like candy which allows parents an easier time of treating their child without worrying about the fight that normally would ensue when medicine has to be taken.
The Goins’ have owned the property where the new store is now for about 15 years and 10 years ago they thought about building their own store, but according to Goins it just wasn’t the right time. Now is the right time.
Don’s also has 24 hour call in services which allows their customers to call in their prescriptions at their own convenience. This feature also tells the customer when their order will be ready for pickup. “This service is wonderful for people who are busy and if they realize at 10 p.m. that they are about to be out of one of their prescriptions, they can call then and know that they can pick up their order the next day.”
Don’s also has a consultation room where customers can speak with pharmacists and pharmacy techs about their needs in private with one-on-one care.
“We just wanted to open this store. Leesville and Vernon Parish are home to us and we wanted to bring something as nice as we could afford to the area,” said Sarah.
“This area has been good to us. We are here because of our patients, customers, friends and employees.
The location of the new store on Fertitta Blvd. is also close to the medical facilities that are located near the new store.
The Goins are still working to complete the store and in the fall, after summer heat has passed, they will begin landscaping to complete the beautification of the new store.
They are also planning a grand opening in the fall where all of their customers, friends and everyone in the area will be invited to come to the new store. Goins said that they were waiting to hold the grand opening after the summer’s heat so that everyone could enjoy themselves.
Don’s continues to pride itself on their quality customer service for not only their patients but for their customers who are looking for wonderful gift ideas.
As you enter the store Hallmark merchandise along with other gift ideas that are unique to Leesville.
They have Louisiana’s trademark Fleur de lis in many forms which always make the perfect gift, no matter what occasion.