With school just around the corner administrators, faculty and staff at East Leesville Elementary are putting the finishing touches on their classrooms as well as attending staff development inservices and workshops to ensure that everyone is on the same page when school begins Friday, Aug. 8.
As students and parents begin shopping for new clothes and school supplies for the beginning of a brand new school year teachers are also preparing their classrooms. In between workshops and inservices teachers at ELE have spent countless hours organizing, decorating and preparing their classrooms for their new students.
“I am looking forward to having a fun learning environment and I am excited and ready for my students,” said Jennifer Hackler, first grade teacher and grade level chairman.
Teachers at ELE spent Tuesday in staff development preparing for the upcoming school year. One of the items they focused on was parent involvement as well as preparing for orientation which will be held Monday, Aug. 4. Parents of students attending LA-4 will have orientation beginning at 3 p.m.; Kindergarten parents at 5:30 p.m. and 1st grade students and parents will begin their orientation at 6:30 p.m.
“At ELE Cats ROAR with good behavior,” said Debbie Clark, Principal.
ROAR is the schools Positive Behavior Support (PBS) System. ROAR stands for Respect Everyone, Obey Rules, Act Responsibly and Remain Safe. ROAR and PBS are designed to help each child develop self-discipline to make good choices.
“Parents, teachers and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment,” said Clark. “We also went from 290 office referrals year before last to 96 last year,” Clark continued.
PBS recognizes and rewards students for good behavior. Each week every students who receives an A in conduct will receive recognition and incentives during Ellie’s Club assembly.
Ellie’s Club meets every Friday and is attended by every student. During Ellie’s Club all students will participate in activities to reinforce making good choices and using good character.
At the end of each six weeks students who have earned an A in conduct will earn the opportunity to participate in Ellie’s Jungle Jam. At the end of the year students who have earned an A or B in conduct on their report card for the end of the year will get to participate in an end of the year celebration.
With only a few days left until the beginning of school it seems that the end of school was just yesterday, though the days of teachers having three months off are long sense gone the teachers preparing for the new year at ELE are excited and ready to go.