Sentencing for the former Hornbeck High School teacher who pled guilty to carnal knowledge of  a juvenile will be handed down by Division B Judge John Ford today.
Maurna Thornton, 40, of Hornbeck plead guilty to carnal knowledge of a juvenile May 7, more than one year after the parents of one of her students reported to authorities that she had abused their child. Thornton was on sabbatical leave when the investigation began and after charges were filed against her she did not return back to the classroom. She resigned her position at Hornbeck High School on Aug. 6, 2007.
“I’m relieved that this is going to be settled for everyone involved,” said Dr. Cindy Gillespie Vernon Parish Superintendent. “When teachers cross the line something has to be done.”
Thornton’s arrest came after an investigation into allegations of misconduct between her and a 14-year-old male, juvenile student.
Vernon Parish Superintendent Dr. Cindy Gillespie received a complaint from the victim’s parents about one week prior to Thornton’s arrest. Gillespie met with the parents of the victim and after the student’s parents told her what they believed had occurred between Thornton and their son, Gillespie advised them to go to the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office and file a report.
At the completion of the investigation, Thornton was arrested and booked into the Vernon Parish Jail, she posted a bond of $25,000 and was released.
Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft said, “Those who are in a position to have an influence on our young people are expected to act in an appropriate manner.”
“This type of behavior is unacceptable,” continued Craft. “The law applies to everyone and now Ms. Thornton will have to face the consequences of her actions.”