Tonja Sellers addressed the Leesville City Council Monday requesting that she be allowed 24 months to complete the work on her house at 902 Simpson and that the condemnation on the house be lifted.
Sellers filed suit against City of Leesville Mayor Betty Westerchil and Code Enforcement Officer of the City of Leesville, Scott Grady on Sept. 16, after repeated attempts to obtain a permit from the City in order to begin renovations on her property, which was condemned by the City on Oct. 25, 2004. Earlier this month, 30th Judicial Court Judge John Ford ordered the City of Leesville to issue Sellers a permit to begin work.
"It doesn't make any difference," said Tony Tillman, city attorney in reference to the condemnation on the house. "I don't know how you can (lift the condemnation) until (the house) is brought up to code."
The majority of the council was reluctant to set the precedent of lifting a condemnation before the structure has been repaired. In addition, since the issue of lifting the condemnation was not on the agenda, it could not be voted on, said DeLain Prewitt, city administrator.
However, allowing Sellers 24 months in which to do the work on her house passed unanimously.
In other business, the council approved a change order on the final reconciliation for the installation of the water meters and also approved a certificate of substantial completion and a notice of acceptance of work on the installation of the water meters.
Prewitt indicated to the council that everything with the project was satisfactory.
The council also set the City's office hours for the holidays, providing employees with three days off for both Christmas and New Year's, to include the day before, the day of and the day after.
Since property taxes are due by Dec. 31, a day when the City will be closed, residents will have until the close of business on the next work day, Jan. 5, to pay their property taxes without penalty.
The Council also held public hearings to rezone two separate properties. No one objected to either rezoning and each passed unanimously.
The first property, located at 102 East Union Street, was rezoned from A-7 multi-family urban district to C-3 neighborhood commercial district. The second property, at 1209 South 11th Street, was rezoned from A-6 single family to A-6 mobile structure single family.
City Engineer Vernon Meyer updated the council on several projects, including the water park, the water tank and the sewer line on Hwy. 8.
A sub-contractor has slowed the work down on the water park somewhat, while workers on the water tank expect to re-install the bottom of the tank by next Tuesday, Meyer said. Advertisements for bids have begun on the sewer line project, as well.
Tillman updated the council on the south annexation, which has been delayed again,  but probably for the last time, he said. The court date was rescheduled for January 9.