Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey J. Schloesser, Deputy Commanding General (Operations) CJTF-101, Brig. Gen. Mark Milley, French Maj. Gen. Michel Stollsteiner, and Task Force Warrior Commander, Col. Scott A. Spellmon, attended the transfer of authority ceremony between the 8th Marine Parachute Regiment and the 27th Alpine “Hunter” Battalion held recently at fire base Morales Frasier in Nijrab District of Kapisa Province.
Spellmon praised French Colonel Aragones and the Marines of Task Force Chimera who achieved significant accomplishments in Tagab Valley, “Numerous Taliban and HiG leaders, and even more of their followers, have been captured or killed as a result of your work.” 
Aragones reports over 140 insurgents have been killed or detained since the end of June.  Within that time period, no Afghan civilian or French Marine was killed.
Also notable, is the strong partnership Task Force Chimera established with the ANA and ANP, as evidenced by a successful voter registration period without incident.
“Numerous insurgent caches of weapons, munitions, and IED making materials have been removed from the battlefield,” said Spellmon.
“The construction of many projects in eastern and southern Kapisa have begun, including the Kabul By-pass roadway which will bring even more development and economic opportunity to the people of Kapisa,” he said.
Spellmon also noted improved representation of the provincial government in eastern Kapisa, highlighted by Governor Abu Bakr’s seven security shuras in a part of the province where he previously had difficulty governing due to security challenges.
“The environment is permissive enough now to allow for Tagab District Court to begin holding sessions,” said Capt. Bruce Tyler, Deputy Command Judge Advocate for Task Force Warrior.
During the ceremony, Aragones thanked Task Force Gladiator and Task Force Warrior for their assistance and support. 
Spellmon welcomed French Colonel Nicolas Le Nen, commander of the 27th Alpine “Hunter” Battalion and Task Force Tiger.
“Despite TF Chimera’s significant accomplishments, there is still much, much work to be done.  Your Mountain Soldiers will certainly have the opportunity to build on the recent gains, and take the fight to the insurgent networks further south of this base [fire base Morales- Frasier] and further east into these valleys.  We welcome you to the TF Warrior and Regional Command East Team, and wish you and your Soldiers continued success as we move forward with the Winter Campaign.”