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  • Jay Cutler: The crybaby quarterback

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  • When the Denver Broncos hired Josh McDaniels away from New England, you had to have some thought that he would go after his quarterback that shined in his first season as a starter that needed a job in Matt Cassell.
    Well everyone did but Jay Cutler.
    Cutler not only didn’t know it, but when he also found out, his reaction was at a new level for any professional athlete. Cutler had a right to be offended and maybe feel a little betrayed. But to act like he did is inexcusable.
    He took it back to elementary school, how mad he got and how he overreacted. He acted like someone just took his lunch.
    Cutler is suppose to be a leader, as a quarterback its expected, but ever since Day 1 in the National Football League, he has been everything but a leader.
    Cutler must not know the NFL is a business and things change everyday. Sure, Cutler has been in the Pro Bowl, but he isn’t John Elway. Denver hasn’t been to the playoffs since Cutler has been on the team, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see the team look for other options.
    Cutler was so upset, he made it clear he wasn’t happy. He also made it known he didn’t want to be in Denver anymore when what he should have done is man up and go play the game he is paid millions to play.
    Cutler is acting like a wide receiver, but at his position, he can’t afford to be like that. He has to lead his team, which at this point I don’t think he can.
    How can anyone on his team think he has a good head on his shoulders, and in a pressure situation, be able to lead the team to victory?
    Terrell Owens is the worst prima donna in the league, but I starting to think I would rather have him on my team then Cutler. Owens is a part of about 15 plays a game, while Cutler has the ball in his hands every offensive play.
    Owens always complains because he wants the ball, Cutler complains because his feelings are hurt.
    What other quarterback has whined like Cutler has? There isn’t too many. Donovan McNabb has, but he was benched in the middle of the game. Plus, McNabb has been to the playoffs, which is something Cutler can’t say. Cutler needs to show he can win before he thinks he is the second coming of Elway and he won’t get to do that as a Bronco.
    The Broncos need to move Cutler and move on. With Bryon Leftwich still available in free agency, they have room to move. Let Cutler go, pick up Leftwich and wait until next year when the draft will be full of NFL-caliber quarterback.
    Page 2 of 2 - Cutler became expendable as soon as he whined about his team. Grant him his wish and ship him off to another team that wants a baby of a quarterback. I'm sure Cutler can succeed in the NFL, as soon as he grows up.
    Prove the team wrong for trying to trade for another quarterback, don’t cry about it. To show his anger in front of the public is a move a quarterback can’t make, take it to the team and end it there. Cutler can show the Broncos his worth and move on if he isn’t happy when his contract runs out.
    This isn’t the way McDaniels wanted to start his head coaching career, but it will only make him stronger. Never in his time in New England has he had an issue like this, but he needs to get advice from Bill Belichick. That advice from Belichick will probably be similar to mine, let the kid go and start over.
    New England became great with a sixth-round pick, so Denver should look for its next leader. We can deal with the wide receivers who think they are bigger than the team, but a quarterback must have a smarter head on his shoulders.
    Richard Duken is a freelance writer for the Leesville Daily Leader.
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