With the sun blazing and temperatures outside reaching highs over 100 degrees, people all over the parish are searching for ways to beat the heat. 
Heat waves can be dangerous, so if you plan on being outside away from the relief of air conditioning, be aware of ways to stay: 
-Avoid wearing dark colors and synthetic material; instead, opt for something that is loose-fitting, made from natural fibers like cotton and preferably of a light color.
-Drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated  is  the key to  preventing dehydration and other heat-related illnesse. Avoid caffeine and alcohol because these thing promote dehydration.
-Eat light. The less food your body has to metabolize, the lower your core body temperature will be. Salads and pastas are good food choices, along with fresh fruit, which helps you fill less sluggish and provides the benefit of fiber. When you want a cold, treat eat things like frozen grapes or a snow cone.
-Find activities that keep you cool. Just because it's hot does not mean outdoor activities are banned. Find some shade to sit under and read a book or enjoy a nice picnic with your kids. Taking a dip in the  pool is a way to have fun while also fighting the blaze of the sun. If you don't have a pool of your own, take advantage of a friend's or a public pool. If you want a quick fix without having to travel, just turn on the sprinkler or water hose and have a nice spray down. 
-Stay indoors. When all else fails and the heat of the sun is just unbearable, stay indoors as much as possible, avoiding direct sunlight.