Under the statewide burn ban issued by State Fire Marshal Butch Browning on June 23, private burning is prohibited unless permission is granted by the local fire department or local government, siad Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain.
The ban excludes Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry fire personnel and certified prescribed burners.
 “Last month, average rainfall for Louisiana hovered around 2 inches and weeks of nearly 100 degree weather has escalated the danger for wildfires,” Strain said. “I believe the burn ban is necessary to mitigate any increase in wildfire occurrences.”
Under these conditions, wildfires can quickly intensify and become difficult for fire crews to contain, Strain said.
 “With the 4th of July weekend around the corner, many folks will be barbecuing outdoors,” Strain said. “I urge everyone to take proper precautions. Keep water and a fire extinguisher close by at all times.”
Rainfall ranges from 3 inches in northwest Louisiana to more than 11 inches in the southeast and east-central regions below normal for the year.
“In the event of a wildfire, LDAF forestry fire crews stand ready to take action,” Strain said. “Department of Agriculture and Forestry surveillance planes fly routes daily looking for smoke from wildfires. Any fire outbreaks are immediately reported to ground crews.
The department also employs bulldozers to plow firelines, or breaks, which help contain wildfires,” Strain said.
During the month of June, to date, there have been 112 wildfires.
To report a wildfire, contact a local forestry office or dial 911.