An Agribusiness Development Team that worked with Task Force Warrior has completed its duties in Afghanistan.

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan - Col. Scott A. Spellmon, Task Force Warrior commander, said the outgoing team "made an immediate connection with the Afghan farmers, and improved the agribusiness development potential across the four provinces of our region beyond anyone's expectations."
The team was responsible for starting a livestock care course, planting grape vineyards and building greenhouses and test farms.
"This mission has been very rewarding," said Col. Mike Johnson, ADT commander. "We have provided training, assistance, guidance and support to the government and the people of Afghanistan.  The projects completed will have a lasting effect on this country, and perhaps the most important impact is that it raised the hope of the people that their lives will get better."
The team is being replaced by a new group of soldiers, who were welcomed by Spellmon. "We look forward to working with your team of agricultural experts to further improve the work that has already been accomplished here," he said.