The town of Rosepine is considering strengthening its litter ordinance.

The town of Rosepine will hear details on a proposed ordinance that will strengthen its littering laws at its September meeting.
During this month's town hall meeting, Mayor Bruce Ward and his board of aldermen discussed the issue with town attorney, Dennis Sumpter.
"We have been having a problem with littering in the city, and we were wondering if there was anything we could add to the current state littering laws," Bruce said.
The prominent solution being considering by the mayor and aldermen is adding a litter abatement program to the law, which will require anyone caught in the act of littering to perform a set amount of community service hours.
It is unknown if the stipulation will accompany a larger fine or be left on its own. "We will have specific details during our September meeting when our attorney presents us with a detailed ordinance," Ward explained.
Another issue that will have to wait for September for a solution will be the condition of the elementary school road used by parents during student pick-up and drop-off times.
The town hall board has placed a plea for assistance to the Vernon Parish Police Jury regarding the west side of Louisiana Avenue from Williams Street to the school's pick-up and drop-off driveway.
"We have been having problems for a while now with that road that range from usage wear to erosion damage," Mayor Ward said.
On August 10, the VPPJ accepted a recommendation from its own highway committee to look into the problem, and they are currently assessing the situation.
The Rosepine board also will soon be welcoming a new alderman to its town hall community. Alderman Todd Fazio resigned earlier this year due to a move that took him out of the city limits and thus made him ineligible to hold his position.
Qualifying for the position was held recently, and on October 17, an election will be held to decide between James Jones and Billy Owens for the open seat.
The Rosepine board also called for a public hearing at the town hall on September 10 at 7 p.m.
The hearing will discuss two ordinances, the first of which pertaining to the protection of the ground water supply of Rosepine and the second will be concerning the annexing of private property into the town limits of Rosepine.
Residents of Rosepine are encouraged to attend the hearing and voice any concerns they may have.