Bidding on City of Leesville's $850,000 sewer project could begin in as early as two weeks.

Bidding on City of Leesville's $850,000 sewer project could begin as  early as two weeks from now, said Vernon Meyer, City engineer, at the City's recent council meeting.
The $850,000 grant, funded from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality through its Clean Water State Revolving Fund program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, will allow the City to address sewer improvements, Meyer said.
“We are excited to receive these funds which will help tremendously to rehabilitate our wastewater system,” said Leesville Mayor Betty Westerchil in a released statement in June. Leesville’s project, along with 37 more, were selected out of 55 others that had been narrowed from a field of 250 applications submitted for funding. 
The project will replace or refurbish lift stations at Powell Drive and McRae Street while collection lines in key areas will also be rehabilitated, specifically allowing for the removal of roots, repairing holes and installing new liner.
 The stimulus bill specifies that projects must be under contract or construction by February 17, 2010, one year after the stimulus bill was passed.
Meyer also indicated that all other City projects have been completed including the sewer rehabilitations on Hwy. 8 and Fourth Street as well as the pool project which has only minor issues still left to resolve.