The Town of New Llano voted to annex a subdivision off of Stanton Road last week in its regular meeting.


The Town of New Llano voted to annex a subdivision off of Stanton Road last week in its regular meeting.
The sub-division, to be built by Ronald Jeane, will feature close to 50 homes.
"He'll build he streets and the infrastructure to the city's specs," said Donna Condon New Llano Town Clerk. The annexation provides a way for the homes to receive water, sewer and fire protection. 
The annexation has also caused the town to approve expanding its police force, said Charles Balthrop, who was sitting in for Mayor Freddie Boswell at the meeting. The council approved advertising for two new full time police officers and two new part time dispatchers in order to provide for the newly annexed area.
In other business, the council again tabled an issued involving the assistant fire chief. Condon said the issue will go before the state ethics board in June, after which the town should receive an opinion. It was unclear the nature of the issue, but at a later meeting with Leader staff, Fire Chief Kevin Yates said that his assistant chief, Kirk Duhon, was an exemplary employee and that the issue had nothing to do with anything Duhon had done wrong.
In a February meeting, the counsel voted unanimously to amend the agenda and demote Duhon back to the title of captain and remove him from all duties associated with the title of assistant chief. Yates argued then that there was a difference between the duties of assistant fire chief and captain and that the department needed an assistant fire chief in Yates' absence. Council member Anthony Boswell said that because the demotion involved an ethics issue, Duhon would either receive a reduction in title or would be terminated. After the discussion became heated, Mayor Freddie Boswell summoned Duhon from the fire station for an executive session with the mayor, the council, Yates and town attorney Jack Simms. After returning from the executive session, the mayor and council tabled discussion of the matter until a proper document was received by Simms from the state ethics board. Simms assured the council that he would ask for an expedited opinion from the ethics board.  
In last week's meeting, Balthrop was appointed to serve as the New Lano board member for Fire District 1.
The council also approved filling several other positions. Josh Foster was hired as part time temporary police officer, while Katie Bartlett, maintenance clerk, was promoted from part time to full time and Thomas Scott was hired as a full time certified police officer.
The town is set to advertise for a new part time fire fighter as well as a full time employee for the waste water treatment plant, with the council's approval.
Since there were no bids on five police surplus vehicles, the council voted to table several items on the agenda concerning accepting bids until advertisements could be run again and bids received.
The council unanimously approved an ordinance to adopt its operating budget for fiscal year 2012. The 2011 budget was amended to take care of some end-of-the-year issues so that the budget could be closed out.