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  • Causey announces candidacy for state representative

  • Jack Causey is among three contenders for the seat of Louisiana state representative for District 30.


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  • Jack Causey is among three contenders for the seat of Louisiana state representative for District 30.
    Causey was narrowly defeated four years ago in a closely contested run-off for representative, according to a press release from his campaign.
    “I am truly humbled at the outpouring of encouragement and support from the voters of District 30,” Causey said. “My family and I have prayerfully considered this challenge and what our role should be in this election. After seeking guidance from trusted advisors and spiritual mentors, I believe I have no choice but to complete the task that was started four years ago.”
    The son of a bivocational minister, Causey learned at an early age the formula for success—service to God, service to our fellow man, and confidence in our God-given abilities, he said. Causey put those principles into practice early in his career, as an educator and coach, educational administrator and in healthcare management. Widowed at an early age, with two small children, Causey maintained active leadership roles, serving as officers and on the board of directors for the American Heart Association, Kiwanis, Lions International, and the Chamber of Commerce.
    Causey has also been actively involved in advocating for senior citizens, recently serving the Council on Aging as a board member and treasurer, he said.  
    “I have spent most of my career in leadership positions, developing the skills necessary to be successful in the position state representative. I am qualified to manage the business affairs of District 30, successfully, as your voice in Baton Rouge.
    “My parents taught me at an early age to expect the best in others, maintain a positive mental attitude, and never give up," he said. "I learned that there are rewards for hard work. Blessed with athletic ability, a little height, and some great coaches/mentors, I have experienced the thrill of being a four-time National Champion. Winning is the only option. I believe that my experiences in life have prepared me for the role as your representative. Louisiana is a great state with a bright future ahead. Together, let’s keep west central Louisiana growing!”
    Causey was born in Baton Rouge, has worked in District 30 for 17 of the last 20 years and is married to Debbie Stracner of Leesville.
    “Issues important to me are: affordable, quality healthcare; academic excellence; improved infrastructure; financial accountability of government; a strong military and law enforcement, and protecting our natural resources for our enjoyment and pleasure," Causey said. "I am pro-family and pro-life. I will attend legislative sessions, committee meetings that I am assigned to, and I will vote on the issues.” “Excellence is all around us, in our people and in our environment, but we rarely tap into it. I ask the voters of District 30 to join me in reaching toward an era of excellence unmatched in our history.”

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