Testimony concluded Saturday in the second degree murder trial of Justin Sizemore, who is accused of murdering Christopher Hoffpauir on the morning of June 14, 2010. Jurors are expected to make a decision on the case Saturday afternoon after attorneys for both sides - Scott Westerchil and Ronald Seastrunk for the prosecution and Tony Tillman for the defense - deliver their closing arguments.

Testimony concluded Saturday in the second degree murder trial of Justin Sizemore, who is accused of murdering Christopher Hoffpauir on the morning of June 14, 2010.
Jurors are expected to make a decision on the case Saturday afternoon after attorneys for both sides – Scott Westerchil and Ronald Seastrunk for the prosecution and Tony Tillman for the defense – delivered their closing arguments.
On Friday and Saturday, Justin Sizemore took the stand. He testified that  that after dropping Kristyn Hoffpauir's son, Logan, off in Lafayette, they went to Justin Sizemore's residence in Lacompte, where he began taking a shower. He said Kristyn Hoffpauir interrupted him to ask to use his car to pick up some belongings from a friend's house in Alexandria. Justin Sizemore said that he did not want Kristyn Hoffpauir driving that far in his vehicle, so he drove her to Alexandria. He also said that she did not provide an address for where they were traveling.
Justin Sizemore said that they used the pay phone at a Shell gas station in Alexandria because his phone no longer had a charge. He said that they then stopped at a gas station near Walmart on La. 28 to get gas. Kristyn Hoffpauir also used a bathroom at a Sonic restaurant near the gas station.
Justin Sizemore acknowledged that they struck an ice chest on La. 28 and that he got out to inspect the damage. He also said that he noticed a truck stop near where the ice chest was and he saw "some people" get out of a truck. After inspecting the damage, he walked toward the truck. At that point, Kristyn Hoffpauir drove off with his vehicle. He said the truck drove off as well. After collecting some of the pieces of the broken turn signal lamp, he walked down La. 28 for "30 to 45" minutes before Kristyn Hoffpauir pulled up behind him again.
Justin Sizemore said that Kristyn Hoffpauir apologized but that he said he "didn't want to hear about it, just get in the car." They drove for roughly 10 minutes before pulling to the side of the road to have sex in the car. Then they drove to McDonald's in Alexandria before returning to LeCompte.
Justin Sizemore said that the next morning, Kristyn Hoffpauir asked to borrow the car again "for a short period of time," before they returned to Lafayette and then to Jennings.
He said that later he moved the car into the shop on "Tuesday or Wednesday," and that he saw her again the night before he was arrested.
During cross-examination, Justin Sizemore acknowledged that while he had been stranded on the road when Kristyn Hoffpauir drove off, he saw mailboxes but did not attempt to approach any of the houses to use a phone.
"I'm not going to stop at a stranger's house at one in the morning on a Monday," he said.  
Justin Sizemore also said that when Kristyn Hoffpauir returned to pick him up, he did not notice any change in her demeanor and that "she seemed to be the same as how she was."
He also said that he did not provide his clothing from the morning of June 14 to law enforcement or to his attorney. Seastrunk also asked Justin Sizemore why his father, Jesse Sizemore, would tell Justin Sizemore that Kristyn Hoffpauir had "ratted your a-s out" in a phone conversation after he had been arrested. Justin Sizemore said that he did not recall his father saying that phrase to him.
During Kristyn Hoffpauir's testimony, she said she had observed Justin Sizemore "stick a gun in between the seat, but thought nothing of it." Kristyn Hoffpauir also testified that they struck the ice chest and exited the car to observe the damage before continuing and pulling over on what was later identified to be, Garwood Busby Road.
There, Justin Sizemore offered to get in the trunk of the vehicle because Kristyn Hoffpauir did not want Justin Sizemore in the vehicle when she met Christopher Hoffpauir. Justin Sizemore then offered to wait at that location for her to return, she testified.
Kristyn Hoffpauir, who said she has never obtained a driver's license, said that she then drove to pick up Christopher Hoffpauir before returning to Garwood Busby Road. She said that she and Christopher Hoffpauir had just exited the vehicle when she heard gunshots and heard Justin Sizemore yelling. After the shots were fired, she testified that Justin Sizemore told her to "get the f--k back in the car and back it up," and observed Justin Sizemore "running around the body and picking things up."
She said that they stopped at the McDonald's in Alexandria to get something to drink because she was feeling ill and that they later returned to Justin Sizemore's residence in Lecompte. On the way, she said they stopped at a bridge near Justin Sizemore's residence where he shook out a black case over the bridge. Once at the Sizemore residence Justin Sizemore instructed her to give him her clothing and to get in the shower. She said that he then got in the shower with her and washed the both of them before giving her a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt to wear.
The next morning, she said she observed Justin Sizemore and his father discussing something near the car in his father's shop at the residence, and that there were fans blowing throughout the car. Justin Sizemore then drove her home to her stepfather's house in Jennings, telling her that he would get rid of their clothes after he dropped her off.
She said that Justin Sizemore told her "not to worry and that his dad was gonna cover for us." She also testified that Justin Sizemore told her not to say anything to police or else she would not be able to see her son, Logan, "for a very long time."
In cross-examination, Tillman asked why her testimony changed so many times.
"I lied in my previous statements because I was scared," she said. She also admitted that she lied in her initial statement to Vernon Parish officers, saying that her son was sick that evening and that she had only left to get milk.
Justin Sizemore's father testified Friday that Justin Sizemore had come back to his house in LeCompte "around midnight." During cross-examination, attorneys told him that the time frame was impossible because Justin Sizemore had made a phone call at 11:04 p.m. Jesse Sizemore also said that he had attempted to fix the front bumper and turn signal lights after Justin Sizemore told him about the ice chest incident and that when officers from the Vernon and Rapides parish sheriff's offices arrived, he did not ask why they wanted to see the vehicle.
Kristyn Hoffpauir's friend, Shayna LaBlanc, testified that Kristyn Hoffpauir stopped at her house on the evening of June 13 and asked her to take "her cell phone and her son," saying that she was going to get someone to beat up Chris (Hoffpauir)," and telling her that Christopher Hoffpauir had tried to run her off the road earlier that evening. LeBlanc said she attempted to text Kristyn Hoffpauir the next morning, but received no response.
Justin Sizemore's ex-wife, Laura, also testified Saturday morning that Justin Sizemore had been in possession of a black handgun in February 2009. Justin Sizemore testified that the two had been married from 2006-2009.
Christopher Hoffpauir's father, Kent Hoffpauir, testified that Christpher Hoffpauir's mother was the beneficiary of a $400,000 life insurance policy through the Air Force. Kent Hoffpauir said that paperwork listed Kristyn Hoffpauir as the beneficiary, but that because of an error, she was never officially registered as the benificiary.
Kristyn Hoffpauir later said that she did not know about the policy until after sheriff's deputies brought it to her attention.
Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office Detective Noel Yates also testified Thursday as well as former VPSO detective Ricky Abel.
Yates testified that he collected light fixtures found in the shop behind the Sizemore residence. Abel later testified that he found the ice chest that Justin Sizemore and Kristyn Hoffpauir allegedly struck on the night of the incident. Abel also said that he found pieces of a turn signal light in the area of the ice chest, which he testified that he later matched to the fixture that Yates collected.
Yates also provided recordings of phone calls Justin Sizemore made from the parish jail to his mother and father. In the first call, placed on June 17, Justin Sizemore initially asked "what was going on down the road," before later asking about the car and whether deputies removed anything from the house.
On subsequent phone calls, Justin Sizemore had discussions with his mother about the ice chest that he said he struck. Justin Sizemore said that he did not know where he struck the chest, other than that it was somewhere between Alexandria and Leesville. On multiple occasions in subsequent phone calls, Justin Sizemore made mention of discussions with his lawyer.
Also testifying Friday was Justin Sizemore's mother, Pamela Sizemore, his sister, RayLyn Bear and one of Kristyn Hoffpauir's friends, Jody Thibeaux.