On the last day of testimony, Justin Sizemore, who is accused of killing Christopher Hoffpauir back in June 2010, took the stand to tell his side of the story.

On the last day of testimony, Justin Sizemore, who is accused of killing Christopher Hoffpauir back in June 2010, took the stand to tell his side of the story.
Sizemore said that during the time before he was arrested, he only knew Kristyn Hoffpauir by the name of Kristyn Doucet, her maiden name, and that she never mentioned Christopher Hoffpauir, only that he was one of her "exes." On the night of June 13, during the hours leading up to Christopher Hoffpauir's murder, Sizemore testified that as he drove into Jennings to drop Kristyn Hoffpauir off at her stepfather's house after being in Texas all weekend for a motorcycle rally, she asked him if she could stay the night with him again, which he said he responded that he did not have any problems with it.
He then said that she asked if he would drive to Shayna Leblanc's house, one of Kristyn's friends who lived in Scott, to see if she would watch her two-year-old son for the night. After Leblanc refused, Sizemore said she asked him to drive to another's friends house in Lafayette, who ended up watching her son. After they dropped her son off, Sizemore said he then drove to his father, Jesse Sizemore's house in Lecompte and when they got there, he went in and Kristyn Hoffpauir followed behind him with a bag. While he went into the bathroom to take a shower, Sizemore said Kristyn Hoffpauir came in and asked if she could borrow one of the cars to go to a friend's house to pick up some belongings. Since he did not own any of the vehicles, only a motorcycle, Sizemore said he told her no, that she could not drive one of the cars, but that he would drive her. According to Sizemore, Kristyn Hoffpauir never mentioned who's house she needed to go to, only that "he" lived in Alexandria.
Since Sizemore said he had picked her up previously from a house located off of Roanoke Street in Alexandria, he assumed it was the same house. As he drove into Alexandria and turned off of the exit to Roanoke Street, Sizemore said Kristyn Hoffpauir told him that it was on the other side of Alexandria, so he proceeded to drive towards La. 28. Sizemore said she did not have her cell phone and asked to use his to call the individual to make sure they were still awake, but when she picked up his cell phone, there was a flashing red light indicating the phone's battery was dying. As she began to use it, Sizemore said Kristyn Hoffpauir told him the phone died and asked him if he could pull over so that she could use a pay phone. After Kristyn Hoffpauir said she called but no one answered, Sizemore testified that he told her to call again because he did not want to drive to the individual's house if they were not awake, so she called again and told him that she left a voicemail.
The next event that took place the night of the murder, both Sizemore and Kristyn Hoffpauir's testimony corroborate that as they were driving on La. 28 heading towards Leesville just past Gardner, the red Mitsubishi Spider Eclipse that Sizemore was driving, struck an ice chest in the middle of the road so he pulled over to inspect the damage. Before he struck the ice chest, both said that there was a white truck that was pulled over on the shoulder with their flashers on. What happens next, is where their testimonies split.
Sizemore said he got out of the red car, which belonged to his step-sister, to look at the damages and noticed the blinker was hanging, along with other damages. He then said that he told Kristyn Hoffpauir that he was going to walk over to the truck to ask if the ice chest belonged to them to see about possibly getting insurance information since the car did not belong to him. Sizemore then testified that Kristyn Hoffpauir said she needed to get to the individual's house soon and he told her it would have to wait and she responded by saying "don't tell me what to do."
As he started walking towards the truck, Sizemore said he heard the car "crank up" and saw that she started to drive, but figured she was just following him to the truck. But then he said he heard her pull away and as he looked back, the truck had also pulled off. With his cell phone and wallet still in the car, Sizemore said he did not have any way to contact anyone but he did see mailboxes and dirt roads. Prosecutor Ronald Seastrunk asked Sizemore why he did not knock on anyone's door to use a telephone or to call the police since Kristyn Hoffpauir had just taken his car and left him. Sizemore said that although he saw mailboxes and dirt roads, he did not see any houses because there were woods in the way and that he did not want to "wake up a stranger" late at night. Sizemore said he walked back towards where he hit the ice chest and about 30 minutes later, he heard a car slow down and saw that it was Kristyn Hoffpauir in the red Mitsubishi.
Sizemore then testified that as she got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side so that he could drive, Kristyn Hoffpauir started to explain where she went, but that he told her he did not want to "hear it." Another part of their testimonies that match is that they drove through the McDonald's located on McArthur Drive in Alexandria to get something to drink. Not only was a receipt found on the floorboard of the car, but there also was a video tape that recorded both of them in the red car going through the drive through at 1:38 a.m. But what the video tape revealed, was not the same as Kristyn Hoffpauir's testimony that Sizemore was wearing a black hoodie, but showed that Sizemore was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, which corroborated with his testimony.
When they returned back to his father, Jesse Sizemore's house, Sizemore said he took a shower and that when he got out, Kristyn Hoffpauir was sleeping. According to Kristyn Hoffpauir, Sizemore told her to take a shower and to give him her clothes, but Sizemore denied that any of that had happened and that if she did take a shower, he must have been sleeping because he never saw her take one.
The next morning on June 14, Sizemore said he took his brother's truck to bring Kristyn Hoffpauir to Lafayette to pick up her son and then dropped them both off at her stepfather's house in Jennings.  He said that he met up with her Tuesday in Alexandria to drop off a belt and shoes that she had left in the truck. Sizemore said she gave him directions to the house where she was staying, which at the time Sizemore said he did not know who's house it was nor that she was in a relationship with the individual. Kristyn Hoffpauir previously testified that Sizemore wrote out a story for her to tell police officers, and when Seastrunk asked him if this was true, Sizemore said he did not write a story and that if one had ever even been found, it would not have been his handwriting.
Sizemore said that Kristyn Hoffpauir called him around 2 a.m. on June 16 and told him that her ex had been murdered over the weekend and that the police might need to speak with him since the two were together in Texas over the weekend. On June 17, Sizemore said two detectives came to his house and handcuffed him and that he asked if he was being arrested and he was told that he was being "detained for questioning." After he was told what he was being charged with, Sizemore said he asked for a lawyer.