Association with. and dialogue between, artists breed growth and development.

Association with. and dialogue between, artists breed growth and development.
The current, and the next, featured exhibits at Gallery One Ellleven in Leesville are strong proof of that.
The "Sculptural State of Mind" exhibit will run through the end of May.
Visitors can see large sculpture pieces by James Turner and Tony McDonald, two artists that normally focus on painting and drawing. 
The June "Member Artists Group Exhibit" extends that theme by presenting paintings by photographer Ken Frischkorn, in addition to work by several new artist members that have not been featured before in the gallery.
Until a few months ago, Ken Frischkorn focused primarily on his photographic work — dreamy  wet landscapes from his canoe excursions on the local lakes, and military themed pieces reflecting his background with the Army.
Through discussions with and challenges by the other artist members of the gallery, Ken thought he would try his hand at painting, (and carving, and jewelry making!) and the results for the upcoming June show are some solid pieces that confirm his eye for design and a strong grasp for the use of the medium.
The acrylic painting on paper “Acropolis X” is a nice example of an abstract piece that balances warm against cool by using a triangulation of blues in a field of warm red and yellow tones.
Obviously an experiment with materials and technique, Ken used the palette knife freely on this work, in addition to trowelling the paint to produce patterns layers of ribbed texture.
The result is a nicely balanced painting that works on several levels, and is an outstanding work for an initial excursion by into painting from photography.
Also included in the June exhibit will be recent paintings by new artist member Sharon Benedict.
Benedict and her husband recently moved from Texas to live on Toledo Bend.
She has been an active volunteer, and artist member, at Gallery One Ellleven for several months. 
Benedict has taken part in the Art 4 the Parks events and gallery receptions. 
Her paintings bring a bit of surrealism into the gallery. The work “Stage Fright” shows a solid command of drawing and the use of color.
The monochromatic image of a female clown floating over a stage framed in red drapery entices the viewer to focus on the details of the figure, the floating image, and the circular hoop that balances the figure in the center of the stage.  
“The Three Faces of Iris” is a colorful painting that at first glance is a portrait of a flower. But as the viewer looks further, the haunting feeling from “Stage Fright” is also evident in this colorful piece.
Taking center stage on the canvas, the iris is layers and levels of purples and reds balanced against a bed of undulating green leaves.
The iris floats towards the viewer demanding attention, much as does the image in “Stage Fright”. Both pieces show a deft hand at directing the viewer to ponder and consider what is really going on within the painting.
The Gallery One Ellleven 2013 Artist Group Exhibit opens June 5, and will run through June 29.
Featured will be artist members exhibiting new work.
A public reception for the artists will be held at 7 p.m. on June 8.
Gallery One Ellleven is located at 111 Third St. in historic downtown Leesville.
For more info visit, on Facebook at Leesville LA ART, or by contacting the gallery at