New Llano will soon have a dog park.

New Llano will soon have a dog park.

The town is looking to create a dog park on Stanton Street land, donated by Salvania Moses. On Tuesday evening, the council adopted an ordinance to provide the rules and regulations of dog parks in the town.

They even decided upon a name for the new park, Scentral Park, and have ordered a sign.

Freddie Boswell, mayor of New Llano, said this will be the dog park in all of Vernon Parish.



Donna Condon, New Llano town clerk, said trees were cleared from the area, and gravel has been put down in the parking area next to the dog park. The fence is up, water is on, and street lamps lights are installed. Old fire hydrants, no longer in service, have been placed in the center of the park. There is also a faucet where dog owners can get water for their dogs.

The city is trying to create a situation where dog owners can get paper bags and have a place to dispose of pet waste. There will be four waste stations with scoopers and an area to dispose of the bags. It will work like a septic system, said Condon.

Future possibilities include tunnels and ramps for dogs to play on, and benches for people to sit on.

A large sign is already in place, displaying the rules of the dog park.

Condon emphasized a few of the rules. Aggressive dogs, dogs in heat, and dogs under six months, who do not have all their vaccinations yet, are not allowed in the park. New Llano has borrowed a lot of rules from other dog parks to make sure they are being comprehensive.


No pit bulls

Pit bulls are not permitted in the dog park, as the town has an ordinance against pit bull and pit bull breeds already in place.

That ordinance, adopted in June 2016, prohibits Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers, and dogs that have the “appearance and characteristics of being predominately” of these breeds from being owned in city limits.

Violators will have their dogs immediately impounded, and owners can redeem the dog only after paying a fine that can range between $100 and $500, depending on the circumstances.

The owner can get the dog back after transferring or selling the dog to another party, who cannot reside within the town limits. Another possibility is the owner moves outside of city limits. Also, the dog must be vaccinated within the current calendar year.

Dogs not redeemed within five days after being impounded will be put down, the ordinance states.

The ordinance applies only to pit bulls obtained after June 2016.

“We have some [pit-bulls] in town that we grandfathered in for people who already had the dogs before the ordinance was adopted,” Condon said.