FORT POLK — Bonding experiences are important for military families, as they provide stability in a constantly changing life. Music Together, a class provided through Child and Youth Services, is one of many opportunities to provide a solid foundation for military families.

The class promotes bonding between parents and children through music. Everyone sings songs, plays instruments and dances together, said Kandi Moss, Fort Polk Music Together instructor.

“Music Together provides opportunity for parents and children to experience more than just instruments and fun weekly songs. It’s more than rhythm and movement. Music is a powerful force that can inspire, create community and build family bonds,” she said.

Moss added that it not only helps bond family members. But also families with other families.

“It helps create a community of young families who support each other and form friendships outside the classroom,” she said.

The class meets at 10 a.m. Mondays at 10 a.m. at Building 744 for winter sessions through March 13.

Elyse Roques said many classes are available in the areas of arts and recreation, sports and fitness, skills and leadership.

“The goal is to bring kids into an environment where they are taking away valuable skills,” she said.

Roques said that there is a need for more classes like Music Together.

“The emphasis in parent and me classes like Music Together is really on child development and involving the parent. We want them to take these experiences and apply them outside of the classroom — in the home,” Roques said.

Jennifer Britten and Lina Nahabedian chose to bring their kids to Music Together to get out of the house with their kids and experience bonding activities through music.

“My sons love music,” Britten said. “We get to interact and sing. It’s fun. We all get excited when I say, ‘We’re going to music class.’”

For Nahabedian, incorporating music to bond with her son is important.

“Music is big for me. I’ve been singing to my son since he was born, and we have instruments at home,” Nahabedian added. “In this class, we get to sit together and we sing, dance around the room and hug, there’s cuddle time and we get to sing to them. There’s a lot of children-parent involvement.”

Jennifer Klein brought her son, Zachary, to the class after seeing the benefits in a similar class.

“It’s fun, and I think it helps him learn new things,” Klein said. “It gives him other songs and music so when we’re at home, we can sing, dance and play. We just have fun together with the music and learn new things here.”

Nahabedian and Britten agree that their kids also learn a lot from being in the Music Together program.

“They learn rhythm and my son is starting to speak and sing,” Britten said.

“It’s very important for them and their development,” Nahabedian added. “My son started clapping here, so that was exciting.”

Nahabedian said she likes the community environment of the class.

“Being a stay-at-home mom, I just want him to be part of different things. I like the group aspect of the class, so he can see other children because it helps him develop as well,” Nahabedian said. “He sees the other children running around, and he wants to do what they’re doing.”

For information on Music Together and other classes, call 531-9731.