The parish is preparing to abandon two roads in District 6.

The parish is preparing to abandon two roads in District 6.

Members of the Vernon Parish Police Jury met at their regular meeting Monday night to discuss the two roads. The matter will be open for the public to comment on March 20 during the regular police jury meeting.

The public will have the opportunity to provide input on two proposed ordinances.

The first proposed ordinance is to abandon a portion of Ben West Road B Ben West Road B. This is about 5000 feet, going north from the Fort Polk gate, which is 7850 feet from Highway 111. The 7,850 feet will remain for the parish to maintain.

The second ordinance proposal suggests abandoning Murray Road in its entirety, beginning at Highway 8 to its dead end. Both of these roads are in District 6, Ward 6.

Belinda Diehl, parish secretary from the Vernon Parish Administrator’s Office explained that District 6, Ward 6 is the Slagle-Simpson area in the north-east part of Vernon Parish.

“Those roads lead to property owned by Fort Polk, so there is no reason for us to continue to maintain them,” she said.


Adopted resolutions and approvals

The jury adopted the following resolutions:

• Amendment of the adopted Hazard Mitigation Plan to include the Acquisition of Flood-prone Properties as a new mitigation action.

Every parish is required to have and update plan every five years to mitigate disasters in the area, said Diehl. The amendment is to add flood-prone properties to the parish-wide plan, using grant money to help mitigate disasters in the future.

This is a result of flooding to the area in March 2016. The parish is still in the process of applying for a grant to purchase people’s properties so they can move out of flood-prone areas, said Diehl.

• Acceptance and approval of the Right-of-way Servitude Agreement with Crowell, Land & Mineral Corporation for the bridge over Menace Creek, Welcome Cemetery Road.

• Entrance into Intergovernmental Agreement with the town of Rosepine for assistance with drainage in the Deerwood Forest subdivision. At the last Rosepine town council meeting, Vernon Myers, Rosepine town engineer, explained that he wants to improve drainage by proactively installing culverts for every new residence as they are built, rather than after construction.

• Invoices from Meyer & Associates, Inc. ($13,448) and Neil Ervin Law LLC ($23,271) were approved for Fort Polk Growth Management Infrastructure Improvements Project, Rural Parkway. Both are paid for by grants, with no cost to Vernon Parish.

• As suggested by the Permit and Claims committee, a liquor license application for Slagle Mall, LLC in Leesville was approved.


Appointments and hiring

• Sherry Marze has been re-appointed for another five year term, to the board of directors at West Vernon Parish Waterworks District. Stanley Herbert was re-appointed to the board of directors for South Vernon Parish Waterworks District 1.

• The Vernon Parish auditor, Herbie Way, has retired. Johnson, Thomas & Cunningham, CPA firm, out of Natchitoches, has been approved as the new auditing firm. The firm proposed a fee of $20,000, not to exceed $25,000, which was also approved by the jury.