An election has been called.

An election has been called.

The members of the Vernon Parish Police Jury unanimously approved a resolution ordering and calling for a special election to be held in October.

This measure will be on the ballot for Oct. 14, 2017, and will ask for the parish citizens to authorize the police jury to incur debt through the issuance of bonds.

But this isn't a new tax to be added to rolls. Instead, it is the renewal of a tax previously used to construct the new Vernon Parish Jail.

According to officials within the Vernon Parish Police Jury office, the funds are desperately needed for the maintenance and upgrade of parish-wide facilities. Many of the parish buildings are in disrepair, while air conditioning/heating units need to be either repaired or replaced.

Several other resolutions were voted on by the panel during the hour-long meeting on Monday, including unanimous approval in support of legislation to establish the Vernon Parish Economic and Industrial Development District as a political subdivision.

Last week, Logan Morris spoke to the panel in regards to the creation of this political entity. Morris noted that approximately 40 parishes in the state, including Beauregard, have an Economic Development District.

Morris said this governmental body would be focused on showing what the parish has to offer potential business owners, working diligently to improve the economic welfare of the area.

In other news, the police jury:

• adopted a resolution removing the Johnsonville Bridge from the Off-System Bridge Program as it was replaced with culverts,

• unanimously approved a resolution awarding the bid for the Catfish Hut Road Project to Apeck Construction, pending review and approval from Facility Planning and Control, and

• proclaimed the week of April 17-22 as National Community Development Week, while also declaring the month of April as Fair Housing Month.