Bob Westmoreland and Sandy Gyunn, from Central Louisiana Human Services (CLHS), were guests at the Vernon Parish Police Jury committee meeting on Monday.

Bob Westmoreland and Sandy Gyunn, from Central Louisiana Human Services (CLHS), were guests at the Vernon Parish Police Jury committee meeting on Monday.

CLHS provides support in several ways for issues surrounding addictive disorders, behavioral and mental health, and child and family services, among others.

Westmoreland has been the Vernon Parish CLHS Board member for six years. He came to the meeting to introduce Gyunn to the police jury. "My time is up," he said. His goal in finding a replacement was to make sure they chose someone from the community who is familiar with the programs. "Sandy will meet those qualifications and serve you well as a good addition onto the board," he said.

Vernon Parish Police Jury Committee Reports

The capital properties committee report was delivered by chairman David Fox, district 3.

A $1500 offer was received from Chad McKee for adjudicated property in Pitkin. The committee recommended that the jury declare this property surplus. "It is not needed for a public purpose and to proceed with the notifications to the public and the bidding session," Fox read.

Reggie Johnson, police juror for district five, said he knew of a church that was interested in this property as well. "They inquired because they needed extra parking space," he said. Rhonda Plummer, parish administrator and secretary said, "They can place a bid too."

Johnson is going to let the church know about the property.

The finance committee report was meant to be shared by chairman, Curtis Clay, district 10, but he stepped out from the meeting, so David Brister, district 9, delivered it for him.

Invoices were received from Prairie Contractors, Inc. for 2016 storm damage. The Bonner Road invoice was a total of $14,844.48, and Jarrell Loop, $37,904.64.

There was a request from the Vernon Parish coroner, asking to increase the monthly overhead expense payments from $999 per month to $1500 per month. "I have a problem with the coroner," said Melvin Haymon, district eight.

Plummer said, "They moved to a new, larger, location with an increased rate." The coroner's breakdown of the request was to cover rental space, utilities, automation, and office supplies. Some members of the police jury were not sure what "automation" meant, and felt someone from the coroner's office should have been present to help explain the details.

"We moved to a building where we nearly doubled the monthly rental cost for my office. We divided the space used by the coroner's office to the entire office and then used that space percentage as a basis for the office costs," said Vernon Parish Coroner Shawn Granger, M.D. "Automation was calculated using the 13% space factor applied to the costs of running the copier lease and the computer system maintenance as automation."

Invoices were received for Fort Polk Growth Management Infrastructure Improvements Project-- Rural Parkway (phase 2a). This included $88,892 for Boston Timber acquisition, $30,336 for Martin Timberlands acquisition, and $1750 for Neil Irwin Law. 

The permit and claims committee report was given by chairman, Charnel Bailey, juror for district seven.

They received an application for liquor license from William Paul Mayo. It is for a class A permit to sell beverages of both low and high alcohol content at his place of business, The Last Call on Kurthwood Road in Leesville.

Two claim for damages were received from AT&T. The first stated that underground cable was cut at 2600 Toro Road by a road grader, costing $942.80.

The second claim for $1946.80, stated that underground cable was cut at 964 Bonner Road during the installation of a culvert.

Parish road manager, Carl Thompson, recommended the jury deny both claims, as crew was performing routine maintenance. "They were in those areas but they weren't digging, so they could not have cut a cable," said Belinda Diehl, secretary for Police Jury records.

The personnel committee report was read by chairman Jerry Blair, district six.

He reported two voluntary terminations. One for Joseph Carnline, district 6, as of May 11; the other, Matthew Clements of district 10, 11, and 12, as of May 1.

Personnel committee received a request from the 30th Judicial Court to increase the salary of Kenneth Pollard, misdemeanor probation office director, by $500 per month, effective June 1, to be paid by the misdemeanor probation account. This is a district court decision; a formality, said Diehl.

The Vernon Parish fire district also submitted a request to increase the salary of Tammy Slaughter and Carol Lewing by 5%, effective June 1, to be paid by fire district funds.

Jurors raised questions about where this money for salary increases was coming from. Plummer said it does not come out of the general fund, and they have sufficient funds for these raises.

The road maintenance and construction committee report was given by chairman Reggie Johnson of district five.

A request was received from the Vernon Parish Health Unit to bury a dead horse at 2127 Gravel Hill Church Road.

Three resolutions were presented. The first came from the Village of Simpson to grade and/or repair pot holes on streets inside the municipality. This included cleaning culverts and ditches, mowing ditches, checking culverts and erosion in various areas.

The second resolution came from the Town of Rosepine, asking for monthly maintenance on the streets inside the town limits, including boom mowing, pot hole repairs, and ditching. Also, to assist with installing culverts.

The third resolution came from the Town of Hornbeck, for monthly maintenance on all streets inside the town limits, including bush hogging, wing (boom) mowing ditches, ditch cleaning, pothole repair, and maintenance assistance.

Pothole patching, in the amount of $2018.52 for May is to be moved to the overlay account.

Bids for overlay materials were opened on May 15. Apeck Construction was the low bidder and Thompson recommended the jury award the bid for all materials needed.

The Vernon Parish School Board has requested two loads of gravel to be spread at the bus maintenance yard. They are paying for this.

The solid waste committee report was presented by chairman Bo Cryer, district seven.

After reviewing all of the proposals received for collection of solid waste at USAG-Polk, the contract is awarded to Waste Connections with a commencement date of June 1.

The ways and means committee report was read by chairman Melvin Haymon, district eight.

West Vernon Parish Waterworks District requested appointment of Thomas Davis and Rex Fletcher to the board of directors to fulfill the remaining terms of Roger Smart and Kim Beavers.

An invoice was received for workers compensation audit billing for the policy year 2016. An additional amount of $7318 is due. The increase is due to past claim history and an increase in payroll expenses.

District six requested appointment of Brett Wellman to the fair board.

A regular police jury meeting will be held on Monday, June 19, at 10 a.m. It is at the regular meeting that the jury will vote on items presented at this committee meeting.

All meetings take place at the Parish Government Complex Building, 300 S. 3rd Street, Second Floor, Leesville.