The Vernon Parish Police Jury (VPPJ) held their monthly Regular Meeting on Monday.

The Vernon Parish Police Jury (VPPJ) held their monthly Regular Meeting on Monday.

Reports were given by the following committees-- Finance, Permit & Claims, Personnel, Road Maintenance & Construction, and Ways & Means.

The Finance Committee recommended, and the jury approved, that all recording equipment (audio and video) in the VPPJ meeting room be upgraded. "The current system is outdated and the sound quality on the audio and video is very poor," read chairman Curtis Clay.

The entire system, including new mixer, microphones, recording equipment (audio and video), etc. will cost approximately $10,390.85. Just audio equipment would cost about $5000.

The Permit & Claims Committee recommended, and the jury approved, the AGS Auto Glass quote of $112.44, for damages to a resident's broken house window.

This committee also noted, in their report, given by chairman Charnel Bailey, that a theft occurred on June 20 at the Vernon Parish Animal Shelter. The total lost for missing or damaged items is estimated at approximately $900. According to the Sheriff's Office, no evidence was left behind to determine who committed crimes including criminal trespass, criminal damage to property, and theft of motor fuel.

Road Maintenance & Construction Committee Report included recommendations, and consequent approval, to fill in two abandoned wells in Anacoco, and a request, from Leesville, to install a culvert on 9th Street. The culvert materials will be paid for by the property owner.

The Ways & Means Committee reported a request from the Vernon Parish Animal Shelter, to purchase a new incinerator for the facility. "The existing incinerator is old and in constant need of repair," read Chairman Melvin Haymon. At $7-$10 per animal, this totals approximately $10,000 per year in disposal costs. This does not include the cost of transportation or man hours. The Bestech brand incinerator cost is $52,750.

In other, non-committee, news, the VPPJ voted to change the the speed limit on Sugar Lane Road, in its entirety, to 25 MPH.

A. Walters Road has been renamed Crow-Hawk Road. A petition was received from all residents on the road.

Transportation fees will now be included in the cost of impounding and disposal of livestock.

At 10 a.m. on Monday, August 21, at the Parish Government Complex Building, 300 South Third Street, Second Floor, Leesville, the VPPJ plans to consider adopting a resolution ordering and calling elections to be held to authorize the renewal or continuation of ad valorem taxes.