Glant Cleaning is just two months old, and its schedule is already piling up with customers who need their homes to be cleaned.

Started by Sadie Glant, and later joined by friend Jennifer Overby, Glant Cleaning was opened after Glant struggled to find a flexible job that worked with her schedule. After seeing a need for a cleaning service, she decided to take a risk.

"With military, you have people moving in and out," Glant said. "There was only one other cleaning business and she just left."

Glant Cleaning offers free consultations before every job. Charges are based on the size of the space, and how much work needs to be done.

"If you have a home that is a one-bedroom house that needs a lot of work compared to a four-bedroom house that is clean, it could take the same amount of time," Glant said.

Overby said what makes them stand out is their attention to detail on a job and not being afraid to get a little dirty.

"We get pretty personal in our consultations," Overby said. "I will take my finger across your shower to see how much soap scum you have, and she will look at the blinds to see how much dust there is."

Glant Cleaning does clean-outs for rentals, general cleaning and one-item cleans. Glant and Overby said the physical demands have been the most challenging part, but they are finding a rhythm to do the job to the best of their ability.

"We're getting faster and more accurate," Glant said. "Our quality is there, and that's what we stress: the quality of the job. It should not take one person four hours to clean a house. We have two people and it takes us six hours to clean a house. We make sure the stove is fully cleaned out and that the fridge is taken apart.

"We love it because we have our own hours and really have fun doing it. My husband thinks it's the weirdest thing. I deep clean my house maybe twice a month."

Looking toward the future, they hope to grow the business and get the proper paperwork in order to see the business thrive.

"Our next step is that we are in the process of licensing in the state of Louisiana," Glant said. "We're getting insurance and boned. We're hoping to work up to commercial and construction.

"Right now, with just the two of us, we're fully booked. Eventually, we will need to hire another person to bring in."

Overby and Glant are military spouses at Fort Polk. To contact for consultation, check out their Facebook page.