After a public hearing on Monday, with no comments, the Leesville City Council adopted an ordinance which determines how many vehicles automobile retail businesses can have on their lots.

The ordinance changes the guidelines regarding the ratio of property owned by a business versus how much of the property is being used.

Prior to the ordinance, an auto retail business was allowed have a certain amount of vehicles on the lot, based on the square footage of the business' office building. With the implementation of this ordinance, the ratio of cars to lot will be based on entire property size.

Also under the new ordinance, dealers must have a parking lot large enough to accommodate the loading and unloading of vehicles. This prevents the blockage of city streets and sidewalks.

Councilman Chris Roberson asked if this ordinance change was aimed at a specific auto retailer in Leesville. Grant Bush, of Leesville Community Development, explained that this is a proactive decision made with city development in mind. It is not targeting an existing business.

Two ordinances, related to the rezoning of areas in Leesville, were introduced at the meeting. One of which requests permission for a mobile home to be placed on West Union Street as a residence.

A local resident, who is currently living with family members, will be moving to the mobile home, if the ordinance is passed. The area is not currently zoned to allow mobile homes. A public hearing about this decision will take place at next month's second council meeting, 3 p.m., on August 28.

The upcoming city council meeting will occur at 3 p.m., August 14, in the courtroom of Leesville's City Hall.