The Town Council is again turning attention to its aging wastewater treatment facility.

Since the Edwards administration last fall flushed funding for a replacement facility (as well as for a number of other such projects statewide) the plant has been pretty much out of the news.

But Superintendent Mike Numbers told the council at its August meeting that that can’t continue.

The plant is in bad standing with the state Department of Environmental Quality and under a compliance order regarding its discharge, Numbers said.

“They are working with us and have been as understanding as possible,” Numbers said following the meeting.

The state was supposed to provide about $850,000 of the $1 million or so needed to build a new facility, with the town providing the rest. But fiscal woes in Baton Rouge prompted the administration to pull the plug on those grants.

Rosepine’s plant and the lift stations in the collection system are 45 years old. Its age, and its insufficient maximum capacity, are governing factors in its continuing inability to meet today’s standards.

Numbers noted the town had just had the clarifier gearbox in the treatment facility repaired, but it was again making sounds and tripping the breaker on the circuit providing power to it.

He said the town is about $20,000 into repairing the box and possibly looking at having to spend still more.

“We’re spending a lot of money and aren’t any further along,” he said.

Councilman Jeff Solinsky said the town has to put the question of what to do about the plant back on the front burner.

“We’re at the point we have to look at alternative funding. The state has issues,” he said.

Councilman Ray Blanchard wondered if the town could borrow from the federal government, or qualify for a grant to cover part of the cost.

One problem with that is rates would have to be set at a level guaranteed to pay repay the funding. Those might be higher than town officials are comfortable with.

Others wondered whether the town could seek to issue bonds to raise capital for the construction.

Wastewater revenue in the just concluded fiscal year was $468,400. Of that, $257,600 was customer-driven income. The remainder was from grants, sales tax collections and other sources. Wastewater operating expenses were $290,200, and debt service and funding transfers totaled $120,400. Total department expenses were $410,600..