While an 0-2 start was not how South Beauregard head coach Dwight Hudler had planned his season, he has his young team ready to begin turning things around.

Tonight, the Knights take on St. Louis Catholic, who has one of the toughest schedules in Class 3A.

St. Louis has played Barbe, Sam Houston and Catholic High– New Iberia in the first three games of the year, which have a combined record of 8-1.

"We've had some battles," Hudler said. "Year-in and year-out, they have good teams. They are well-coached and play hard. The 0-3 record is definitely misleading. I've told the kids all week that they can't fixate on that. They're going to be a good opponent and it also happens to be our first district game. It's an important game. We need to try and fix some of the things we've done wrong."

The Saints are led by senior quarterback Bailey Hardy, who is averaging 199 yards per game, and running back Jaleel Goodwin, who averages just over 80 yards per game.

"They run the spread but they can they run the ball out of that," Hudler said. "The tailback does a really good job at that, and the quarterback does a good job with the zone-read and run-pass option. He has a good, live arm. They're a very well-balanced offense.

"You look at their combinations and where they like to throw from. You work those concepts, and when you're a team like us that doesn't have corners that you leave on your own, you have to mix in some zone. We have to do a good job at preparing. At some point, we have to make plays."

With a 6-0 loss to Leesville and a 35-33 triple overtime loss to DeQuincy last week, Hudler knows his guys are close to taking that next step.

"We're 8 points away from being 2-0. We had chances in both games," Hudler said. "We had shots against Leesville and in the first overtime against Jennings. If we don't have a little miscommunication on offense, we punch it in. The kids are playing hard and we are having some growing pains. We have a lot of first-year kids and a lot of freshmen. We're taking it week-by-week. We're striving for perfection and hammering those little details.

"We have a very good team-first attitude. We haven't had a lot of complaining or finger pointing, which can be easy to do. The kids want to be good."

Despite being winless in the young season, the Knights have instilled a winning culture throughout the program. South Beauregard has made the playoffs every season since 2013.

"We still expect to make the playoffs. We changed the culture of what to expect. We're not happy with 0-2, but there is some benefit in playing Leesville. We played up and Leesville is 3-0 right now. If they stay healthy, they have a chance to win 8 or more games. If they're 8-2, we get 2 points for playing up and that's 10 points. That's like beating an 0-10 team. You never want to lose, but I feel like Leesville was a quality loss, and DeQuincy may end up doing well too. They numbers and stuff take care of themselves."