The City Council is beginning to think about the next part of its current street rehabilitation program after its consulting engineer reported Monday that Phase III is nearing bids and there is expected to be money remaining.

Meyer & Associates reported that estimated cost of Phase III’s dozen streets (actually portions of the 12 streets) is about $530,000, leaving a quarter of a million dollars in the project bank account.

Total spending for the rehab program is expected to be about $1 million, with the city kicking in $250,000 and the state the remaining sum in capital outlay appropriation.

Streets on the next phase include:

Arkansas, from 6th to 5th;

Boone, from Sartor to U.S. 171;

First, from Maggie to Mechanic;

Harriet, from 6th to 5th;

Maggie, from 6th to 5th;

Mechanic, from 6th to 5th;

Mechanic, from 1st to dead end;

North, from 6th to 5th;

Smart, from University to curve;

Smith, from 1st to curve;

South, from 6th to 5th;

Tenth, from Lula to La. 8.

Harriet, Maggie, Mechanic from 6th to 5th, North, Smart, South and Tenth are all reconstruction.

Councilman Tony Shapkoff cautioned that pre-construction estimates could end up being too low and that there might not be as much remaining for Phase IV as is currently projected.

Mayor Rick Allen said the city is “unlikely to encounter problems” these streets. He said the city’s decision to break the streets rehab up into smaller lots has worked well. “It has made it a manageable program. We can do these 12, then work up some more” for the next phase, he said.

Phase 1 of the street project was accepted as complete in January and Phase II started soon thereafter.

Phase 1 included Anderson Street and its intersection with Westwood Drive, Kings Road from Jean Street to Abe Allen Memorial Drive, Marvin Avenue from Douglas Street to Edwards Street and East Union from Sixth to Fifth. Phase 2 included Arkansas Street and Fertitta Boulevard, where some subsurface issues requiring a $28,000 change order was necessary.