Laylon Brummet, and his wife Victoria, are working hard to prepare for an event that they hope will help those in need and inspire unity among their community. For the second year in a row Brummet plans to host a community Thanksgiving dinner.

The dinner is open to anyone who wishes to come and will be held on Wednesday November 22nd at Beech Grove Methodist Church in Anacoco. The event is presented in the spirit of fellowship, service, and love towards the community.

Last year 67 people came to the community dinner and saw people travel from all around to come attend. The inspiration for this event is the idea that members of a community can come together and help each other out during a time of need.

Laylon said “Pride often keeps people from accepting help. We want to show people that we as Christians want to reach out to our community, and that it is ok to get help from a neighbor. As Christians we are not supposed to turn our backs to those in need. That is why this dinner is open to anyone who wants to come regardless of where you’re from or who you are. We do this all in the name of Jesus Christ for our community. We want everyone to show up and to let people know that there are people who care. We want people to understand that God’s love for us is unwavering.”

Laylon added that moments from his childhood also inspired the event. “This is something that God put on our hearts. There were times in my childhood when I can remember going hungry. I feel that as christians we should reach out to those in need.”

The event has received a lot of support from the surrounding community. Wal-Mart, Market Basket, Helping Hands, numerous churches, and a long list of personal supporters have contributed to the event this year. Volunteers are needed and those interested can reach out to Victoria Brummett.

Victoria said “We would really like to bring the Vernon Parish Community together. This is something that I’ve really jumped into feet first. All the help that we can get are much appreciated. We are outreaching to everyone. We are not doing this for personal fame, we are doing it to help people.”

Laylon and Victoria are using the success of the event to start a food bank in Vernon Parish. They are currently filing to be a non profit organization, and they are looking for a location in Vernon Parish for the food bank.