Simpson Mayor Vickie Standifer has been in office for 10 months and is making adjustments for the village in budget issues.

Standifer and the town council approved a budget, at Monday’s meeting, for 2017-18 and adopted resolutions for the water department to make sure bills are getting paid.

"The hardest part is that a budget has never been followed and we are starting from ground-up and actually comparing apples to apples," Standifer said. "That's been the real struggle. There are things that we need to change and do to just balance our budget. We can't keep taking out of our general fund and not replenishing it."

The proposed budget for the year in the general fund is $72,300 with $22,000 coming from the hotel/motel tax. The hotel/motel tax is down from most years.

The Local Government Assistance Grant (LGAP) allows communities struggling with money to receive financial assistance, and Simpson is not receiving them at the moment.

"You apply for grants but are not guaranteed them," Standifer said. "The last administration before we came in did not apply for those grants, so we lost out on them. This year, they have not opened those grants because there is no money in the state to allow those grants. Normally, the come out with a grant in July, the LGAP Grant, and it's not there."

If it sticks to its budget, the town will come out even with $72,300 in budgeted expenditures, including $5,000 for professional fees, $7,000 in insurance and $4,000 in City Hall building maintenance.

With the budget being tight, Standifer is hoping the village will be able to raise money with a festival or some other event down the line.

"That's where I really want to get a community involvement committee where people in the community can sit down and brainstorm," she said. "Some person may have thought of something that I haven't thought about. I really want to start focusing on what we can do to start fundraising or something that will draw a yearly event here."

The council voted to apply a $50 deposit fee to all new open accounts and not just renters. The fee makes it so if people move out of their home, they cannot get away with not paying his or her bill. The council agreed to turn off the water for accounts that are over 30 days overdue, with the previous amount of time being 60 days.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on November 6 at Simpson City Hall.