Eight students who attend Hornbeck High School just received CPR certifications as part of a new class that allows students to receive national certifications to become first responders.

“We at Hornbeck are very excited about this opportunity for our students,” said instructor Sherrie Sterling. “This is our first year of the class and are excited about the fact that our students could become first responders with the fire department right out of high school.”

Hornbeck High School students William Dewil, Avery Thornton, Ryan Quinn, Ranessa Walls, Chase Hopkins, Rileigh Staples, Connor Arthur, and Elizabeth Brown are all a part of the class and received their CPR cards.

The course is designed to train students and to ultimately help them gain their national first responder’s certification. The year-long course is one of many that Hornbeck offers in an attempt to give students marketable skills upon graduation.

Similar classes offered by Hornbeck cover a wide variety of practical skills. For example, Hornbeck’s oil and gas classes offer the training needed for a career working on offshore oil rigs and refineries.

Food and Nutrition is also taught to the students at Hornbeck High. That department was recently helped by the “Lowe’s Heroes” program which completely renovated their kitchen earlier this year.

Courses like OSHA certified carpentry, computer information systems and welding are just a few of the areas of study that Hornbeck offers to its students.

“Being a smaller school, a lot of people don’t realize all the things we offer our students here at Hornbeck,” said Sterling. “We can assist our students in preparing for their futures. We want our students to have the opportunity to go out into the world with marketable skills after graduation that will help them be successful in life.”