The New Llano Town Council met Tuesday night to decide how to proceed with potential condemnations of properties in the town.

After a discussion with city attorney Jack Simms, Jr., the council decided to provide lists of repairs properties must make to come up to code and not be condemned.

"If it's a short list, they may get 90 days and if it's a long list, we may give them a year," Town Clerk Donna Condon said.

"The law doesn't require we do it. We can just do that as an extra. Just because the law doesn't require something, doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to do it, just in case you're sued."

The properties in question have been given notices for years, and the council decided to move forward in the condemnation process in attempt to get the properties fixed.

"We've been sending out letters for years about property clean up and nothing has been done," Condon said. "The council just got tired of it. When I say years, I mean four or five up to 10 years. We've been sending out letters about property clean up."

At the next meeting on November 28, properties at 409-413 Vernon Street owned by Mr. Auzenne, 11800-11810 Lake Charles Highway Lee Marsalise, 302 Third Street own by John Hoffman, 812 Stanton owned by Rafael Brana and 12438 owned by the Pelt Family will be provided a list of repairs by engineer Jim Verzwyvelt.

After they receive the list, the owners will have to make repairs, have a plan to make repairs or have the properties torn down by the town and a lean put on the property.

"You hope that when they see that you're going that far and that you're not kidding around, something will actually happen," Condon said. "All we want, at the end of the day, is the property to be clean and to be nice for the neighbors."

The council also approved to reduce the speed limit on Section Line Road, north of Entrance Road, to 25 miles per hour to due the high amount of traffic in the area.
The December meeting was changed to December 19 from December 26.