Leesville jumped out to an early lead and never surrendered it to open up the year with a win.

Seginald Bryant scored 14 points in the first quarter and 27 total to lead the Wampus Cats to a 79-49 win over Rosepine.

"I thought the first half, we were a little lackadaisical about doing our job executing defensively and offensively," Leesville head coach Troy Grigg said. "Rebounding, we're weak right now because we don't understand how to position ourselves to rebound. In the second half, we did a better job of rebounding, and defensively, we did a lot better job. We got a lot more steals and opportunities for layups."

The Eagles took a 6-5 lead after a 3-pointer and ensuing free throw Josh Stephens, but Leesville answered with a 10-1 run, highlighted by a steal and two-handed dunk by Bryant.

Leesville took a 26-11 lead into the second quarter, but Rosepine got the deficit to single digits with 11 points from Stephens in the second quarter.

The Wampus Cats ended the third quarter on a 14-3 run to take a 58-42 lead into the final quarter.

Leesville affected Rosepine with their full-court pressure through the game, including a four consecutive steals and layups off the press in the third quarter.

"The key to our game is our defense, because of defense is our offense," Grigg said. "Offensively, we have to understand the game is worked inside out. I don't have a true post person right now, we still have to work inside out."

Rosepine was outscored 21-7 in the fourth quarter, and the Wampus Cats cruised to their first win of the season.

Stephens led the Eagles with 23 points with five 3-pointers, and Brayden Blakeway added 15.

Deandre Wilson added 20 points for the Wampus Cats, and Cody Thomas scored 9 points off three 3-pointers.

Leesville and Rosepine were without many of their weapons with the football season still going on for the Eagles and Wampus Cats.

"I'm going to be there to support them Friday night, and I hope they win," Grigg said. "It gives these kids a lot more opportunity for experience. A lot of these guys are going to get playing time."