Leesville City Council heard, at their Monday meeting, the introduction of an ordinance to amend and align multiple land parcels from single family urban district to highway commercial district.

City Development/Land Use Planner Grant Bush says the change in zoning is “a way of cleaning up the map a little bit.” He explained, heading north through Leesville, just before the road splits, there are many businesses which have been there for years, but the area is zoned as residential.

Council tabled a decision to condemn a building in order to allow time for property owner(s) to attend and speak on the matter at the next meeting. The building, located on Dennis Street, is a wood framed residential structure.

Leesville City Council will hold a regular meeting at 3 p.m. on Mon., Nov. 27 in the City Courtroom of the Leesville Municipal Center. At this time, a public hearing for the zoning ordinance adoption will take place.