Now that Simpson Police Chief David Delrie has resigned, the Village of Simpson has to decide whether or not to abolish the position of police chief or have a new one elected.

The Village of Simpson Council has three choices on what actions it can take take: elect a new chief, abolish the position or hold an election to change the 'elected' position to an 'appointed' position.

"This is a not anything new," Mayor Vickie Standifer said during the meeting. "A lot of small, rural communities are having to do this because the state can no longer afford it. There is not a lot of money out there for us to capture. They're not offering grants."

At the council meeting Tuesday night, the community members in attendance were vocal about both sides of the issue.

Some expressed their opinion about the financial savings that would benefit the village, while others believe having a police chief is important for the wellbeing of the community.

The election for a new police chief would take place during the November congressional election.

Delrie resigned with 18 months remaining on his contract, leaving the village with a need at the position. For now, Simpson will be patrolled by the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office.

"I know there have been questions and concerns about whether or not the Sheriffs Office with be readily available to us, but I have been assured that they will be," Standifer said.

The council encouraged community members to reach out to them with their opinions on what it should do.

Standifer also introduced a change to an ordinance from 2014 which raised the pay of the chief of police to $1,250 to $1,750, with the change being a pay decrease to $800 a month.

The council also passed a revised fees for bulk water sales and new meter installation, or a tap-in-fee.

The new meter fee will be $450 plus a $50 deposit and $10 connection fee. The new fee should average out the cost of a new water meter to take some expense away from the village.