John and Ellen Koski appealed to the Vernon Parish Police Jury on Monday not to extend the parish maintenance portion of Western Shores Drive onto their property. As it turned out, their request was not necessary.

Ellen Koski said she sees no benefit to having the parish designated to care for the road because she doesn’t think much of how the road is already maintained. 

John Koski suggested the parish construct a cul-de-sac at the current end of the parish maintenance so motorists don’t enter the Koski property, where there is, he said, no place for turning around.

Their appearance apparently came about because of an agenda item relating to the length of the road.

Parish Road Manager Carl Thompson last week asked the Road Maintenance & Construction Committee to adjust the length and road type of Western Shores Drive in the parish road inventory. He asked that the length be changed to 1,000 feet from the 785 listed in the inventory. The committee agreed.

The Kossi couple didn’t realize that the change is on paper only, not in an actual extension of the parish-maintained portion.

Thompson said that the road had been measured incorrectly long ago. Instead of the parish-maintained portion ending at 785 feet, it is actually currently stops at the 1,000 feet mark, which is the Koski property line.

The only change being made under Thompson’s request is altering the length on the inventory to reflect the actual 1,000 feet length.

As for the possibility of a cul-de-sac at that point, juror Marvin Hilton said other property owners involved have been approached but are not interested in proving any right of way for such construction.