A Rhode Island mother made a startling discovery when she found out that her six year old daughter's glitter makeup had asbestos in it.

Kristiana Warner works for a law firm that specializes in asbestos cases and was shocked to learn the makeup that she had bought for her daughter from her local Claire’s store had the known carcinogen inside it.

“You assume that when you’re purchasing it, it is safe,” said Warner. She went on to mention that the idea that something that dangerous could end up in her home was “heartbreaking.”

After analysis confirmed that the makeup in question had indeed contained asbestos several different makeups from nine different Claire’s stores nationwide came back positive for asbestos. Attourney John Deaton said “This clearly was not an isolated incident.”

Claire’s has yet to officially recall any specific items, however ABC 15 Arizona has named the following items as contaminated. As of this writing these are the items that are said to be contaminated with asbestos.

Aqua Glitter Kit

Jeweled Heart Kit

Pink Flip Phone Kit

Pink Jeweled Star Kit

Pink Jeweled Rectangle Kit

Pink Jeweled Heart Kit

Pink Glitter

Shiny Black Plastic Makeup Kit with Handle

Pink Glittery Makeup Kit with Fold Closure

Claire's Eyeshadow Palette

Pink Sparkly Heart Kit

In an official statement, a spokesperson from Claire’s said “We work closely with our vendors to ensure our products are tested and assessed in line with the relevant country regulations and guidelines.We have taken the precautionary measure of pulling the items in question from sale, and will be conducting an immediate investigation into the alleged issues.

Once we have more information and have the results of the investigation we will take the necessary action.” A full refund is being offered to customers if they feel uncomfortable with any of their recent makeup purchases.