GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN is set to have its first reception of 2018 at 6 p.m. on Jan. 20.
The reception will showcase the brand new exhibit from Angela Gourdon, one of the newest members of the gallery.

Gourdon will be showing her expressionist figure painting work from her two years as a graduate student at Northwestern State University (NSU).

“This work is colorful, bold and intuitive,” states a gallery description. “Drawing on influences from Matisse, Kirchner, and Van Gogh, she strives to establish an emotional dialogue between her work and the viewer.  Each painting in the show is an embodiment of emotion and memory—the poetry of line, color, and expression.”

While the public reception is on Jan. 20 the exhibit will be on display starting on Jan. 18. For more information about Gourdon and her work, see Angela Gourdon Arts on Facebook.

GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN is in its 11th year of supporting the arts and artists of West Central Louisiana by supporting exhibits and events.

It is located at 111 Third Street in the Leesville Main Street District.

More information on GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN  can be found on their official Facebook Page – Leesville Art.