Here are the candidates who have filed to run for office in the upcoming elections in March.

Mayor: City of Leesville

Richard "Rick" Allen

Roland Huson

Mayor: Town of New Llano

Freddie Boswell

Denis Jordan

Chief of Police: Town of New Llano

Marie Carter

Danny Hunt

"Kel" Sagram

Chief of Police: Village of Anacoco

"Mike" Martin

Michael Sanders

Bradley Shores

Jerry C. Waller

Councilperson at Large: City of Leesville

Alice Guess

William R. Thomas

Councilperson District 1: City of Leesville

Chris Robertson

Councilperson District 2: City of Leesville

Willie Mae Kennedy

Councilperson District 3: City of Leesville

"Danny" Dowd

Nicole Ybarra

Councilperson District 4: City of Leesville

Phillip R. Hunt

Anthony "Tony" Shapkoff

Councilmembers: Town of New Llano (5 to be elected)

Charlotte McHenry Cooper

Lesley Poteat

Terry Speicher

Winfort "Stew" Steward III

Carolyn H. Todd

Ervin Wilson Sr.

Ervin "Buggy" Wilson Jr.