After finding out it needed to choose a police chief until its November election, the Village of Simpson town council chose former police chief Don Maloyed to take over until January.

Mayor of Simpson Vickie Standifer will submit the council's recommendation for Maloyed to Louisiana Governor John Edwards for approval, which should be approved at the end of this week or the next.

"He applied for the interim position because he knows what to do," Standifer said. "He knows the community and what needs to be done. As far as the council telling him how to do his job, we can't do that. He takes care of all of that. I feel OK with it. I really do."

There were two candidates in the running for the spot, Maloyed and Dale Strauser, but Strauser was not considered due to him not being a registered voter, which is mandatory for the position.

Throughout the process, Standifer and other members of the council have asked for feedback from the community to make their decision.

"I will say that I was proud of the community because they did reach out and called their council members," Standifer said. "That's what they need to do. They need to let their council members know what they would like for them to do to represent them the best way."

The interim position will last until January 2019 with the election for a new Chief of Police taking place in November 2018.

Also on the agenda was an ordinance to change the pay for the Chief of Police from $1,750 a month to $800 a month. However, the topic was tabled until next month's meeting on Feb. 5.