One artist's figurative artwork, which includes the human figure, will be the focus of the upcoming solo exhibit for at GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN in Leesville.

Angela Gourdon is a 24-year-old Louisiana native working toward her Master of Arts in Art from Northwestern State University." I am currently finishing up my master’s degree at Northwestern. I just have to submit my paper and I'm done,"  she said.

Gourdon aspired to be an artist since childhood but it wasn’t until recent years that she saw herself as such. "I guess I've considered myself, or been confident to call myself, an artist for about two or three years,” Gourdon said. “I wanted to be an artist as a child but I feel like having an interest in art and being confident enough to show that part of yourself to others, and to show your work to others, or at least being passionate enough to do so, is what really makes you an artist."

This will be Gourdon's first solo exhibit. The 15 paintings that make up this show are lively and colorful expressions of the human form. "I chose the pieces in this show based on whether I felt that they were successful with what I was trying to do with each individual piece."

Out of the work she has on display in the gallery, her two personal favorites are titled "Weathering The Storm" and "Bliss."

"I think these two best represent the overall tone of the show," Gourdon said.

GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN will host a public reception for the artist Saturday at 6 p.m.

The gallery is located at 111 South Third Street.

"GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN is very pleased to have Angela Gourdon join the gallery and start our year off with this tremendous exhibit of figure paintings,” said Gallery Coordinator Tony McDonald. “The paintings are vibrant and expressive, and it's great to see the work of an artist that is not afraid of color! We are looking forward to Angela becoming a big part of what the gallery offers, and we know that everyone will enjoy seeing her work".

GALLERY ONE ElllEVEN is entering its eleventh year of providing exhibits, events, and support to artists of West Central Louisiana.