With light business on the agenda at the Leesville City Council meeting Monday afternoon, Council member Chris Robertson was given the floor to share an observation he recently made of Mayor Rick Allen.

"We had a twelve inch water main that busted on Mechanic and First," Robertson said. "I got off work and went down there and the first thing I see when I pull up is our Mayor in the middle of a hole. Twenty degrees, freezing cold and he's out there directing what’s going on in the city"

Robertson was referring to a city water main that busted last week, leaving the town without water for about 10 hours.

"To see our Mayor standing there in knee deep water that was alright," he added.

In turn the Mayor gave his commendation to all who worked on and assisted in the repair of the broken main. "I'd like to commend Public Works. The fire department came out there and stayed the whole time. Chief Hill and the Police Department came by and checked on us. It was truly a joint effort," Allen said.

"Our Public Works Department did a fantastic job. It was a tough situation. It was seven-and-a -half feet under the street and it don't get much tougher than that," Allen said.

In other business Council approved the Class A retail alcoholic beverage permit for Bistro on 3rd.

Mayor Allen proposed that the Council take under consideration the amending of the new budget in May to offset a deficit in the public safety fund.

The council agreed that a discussion about it be added to the agenda for the next council meeting.