The Village of Simpson council passed a resolution that will give the community members a faster, easier way to pay their utility bill.

Mayor Vickie Standifer signed an agreement that will make Payment Service Network the online process providers for the people in the village.

"We've had a line of customer inquiry about it," Simpson City Clerk Quana Beard said. "At the same time, most people already pay their bills online. They don't want to actually write a check. Basically, it’s for that reason. A lot of people say they want something, but we're not sure that they're actually going to put it to use. If they use it, great."

The short-term contract is put into place until the council can ascertain whether or not enough people are using the service to cover the cost.

Heather Parker was chosen as the interim alderperson following the resignation of Paula Parker.

In her resignation letter, Paula Parker said, "It has been (my) pleasure to serve the council for the last year. I'm sure that the goals that we have set will be obtain by the dedicated, talented members of the this board. Between my work schedule and upcoming family commitments, I cannot continue to do my job on the board with the thoroughness that I would like. "

Heather Parker will be at interim status until the Nov. 6, 2018 election, where they will also choose a new Chief of Police.

The Department of Transportation and Development awarded W.E. McDonald the contract to replace the bridge on Welcome Cemetery Road. The project should begin near the end of March.