In order to make repairs on the Vernon Dam Spillway, the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) needs the Vernon Parish Police Jury (VPPJ) to approve their use of material which lies on VPPJ property.

“We are looking for a resolution from the police jury allowing DOTD to use that material,” DOTD District Dam Inspector Brad Sticker said to jurors, at their committee meeting on Monday.

At an unspecified time, a boat access road was cut through a peninsula near the spillway– approximately 1000 feet away.

 The convergence of waterflow from the boat road caused a “barrel-roll” in the water. This motion led to erosion over time, which contributed to damage caused to the spillway during rainfall from Harvey.

“It is fairly significant– approximately 20-foot in depth from the original spillway elevation,” Sticker said. “The cut through the peninsula will need to be closed.”

Contractor awards should finalize in May if everything goes according to plan. They are striving to conduct the majority of repair work on the spillway during the driest time of year– August, September, and October.

Sticker is still waiting on geotechnical data to come in next week, but in the meantime he wanted to check in and make sure VPPJ was “agreeable” to their using material from VPPJ property– part of an island area.

$18,000 worth of material is needed to fill the void, Sticker said. The jury allowing the use of material from part of VPPJ property would contribute to this necessity, reducing costs.

All the jurors were eager to make sure Sticker knows they want to do whatever it takes to make sure this problem does not happen again in the future.

“This repair is necessary in order to avoid the erosion in the spillway occurring again,” Sticker said.