Although it's competing in the state semifinals as the No. 11 seed, Pitkin does not look at itself as an underdog.

The Tigers will look to keep their run going against the defending champions, Zwolle, at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Burton Coliseum in the Class B State Semifinals.

"It's been great," Pitkin head coach Jake Greene said. "I know we're the underdog, as far as seeding, but we never felt like that due to our crowds at Elizabeth and Hathaway being really big. It felt like a homer court advantage. We also knew we could compete with both of the teams."

Pitkin is preparing for its trip to state since 2004 by having a practice at Rapides Coliseum in Alexandria.

"They were eating it up," Greene said about his team's trip. "Most of them weren't even alive the last time Pitkin made it to the top 28 and won the championship. They're excited about it, and the community is behind them. Everybody is all in. I don't think they even know what it means or understand how difficult it is to make it there. But they're going to enjoy it."

The Tigers defeated No. 6 Elizabeth in the second round and knocked off No. 3 Hathaway in the quarterfinals before its matchup Zwolle in the semifinals.

"I think it’s the unity that we have," Greene said. "We try to give God the glory in everything that we do, and that really bonds the team. We just have really brought into our roles as individual players and we know what it takes to win. We've had a lot of close games, so we're confident at the end of games, as far as executing."

The Hawks are led by senior guard LaDarius Cutright, who averages 16.2 points per, 6.1 boards and 4.2 assists per game.

Zwolle (29-9) has two other players average double figures, Jermaine Williams (13.1) and Jordan Walker (13.5).

"They're very well coached," Greene said. "They have a legacy of making it to the top-28 every year and having a chance to compete for a state championship. They're the defending state champions, so they are used to that environment.

"They're very quick and athletic. They try to pressure you on defense and try to force turnovers. They're not very big, but their speed just makes it really tough on you."

Pitkin (20-6) has been led throughout the year by Garrett Edwards, who is averaging a double-double on the year with 25 points and 10.1 rebounds per game.

"His presence on the court gives us confidence," Greene said. "Even when he's not scoring, he's drawing attention from other teams and creating plays for others. The defense has to really focus on him. When he's on the court, it gives us another level of confidence."