If you have driven by the Leesville Municipal Golf Course recently, or taken your kids to the city park or played tennis at the Leesville city courts, you have probably noticed greens that are green, fairways that are groomed and lots of golfers that are driving, chipping and putting.

One reason for the positive changes is the management of the course by Jim Doulin, a PGA professional who began overseeing the course more than a year ago.

Doulin has stated that his goal in improving the course is to make golf as enjoyable as possible for the players.

He stated that much progress has been made because of aid from volunteers.

One volunteer is James Armes. Armes holds a Bachelor of Science degree in horticulture, runs a local landscaping business and serves as the state representative for District 30 in the Louisiana Legislature.

“James Armes was instrumental in planting the crape myrtles in 2017. Without his help, and the help of his staff, the trees would not have been planted. That project added to the aesthetics of the golf course.” Doulin said.

“Armes also assisted in the removal of the unsightly chain link fence along the perimeter of the golf course and the fence around the old pool area. Armes was responsible for burning stumps and fallen trees, including the fallen trees in the park area. Armes used his equipment to aerate our greens in 2017 as well as vertical-cut the greens.

“Armes also utilized his spray unit. The Leesville Golf Course does not have the equipment to aerate and vertical-cut; therefore, Armes worked closely with the Friends of the Golf Course, and the assistance from their combined efforts was instrumental in the improvement of the course.” Doulin continued.

Much credit for the progress made at the golf course during 2018 goes to volunteers. “Harles Smart, Sr., can routinely be seen at the golf course, performing a multitude of laborious tasks. Jim Crum routinely volunteers to mow, as do Dallas Cole and Tim McAvey. Steve Dowden has brought his equipment, and Alan Haymon has been lending his equipment and operating experience. The Leesville Municipal Golf Course is a great example of a community effort.”Doulin noted.

Along with volunteers who provide materials and labor, the course is supported by an organization, Friends of the Leesville Municipal Golf Course, which has been involved in setting goals, planning, and organizing activities for young people. Members of the committee are Jennifer Stevens, Susie Neubert, Tammy Anderson, Tresa Abramson, Tandy Schwartz, Marilyn Stevens, Jim Sonnier, Lori Landry and Harry McCloud.