Hello anglers and outdoor addicts.

Hello anglers and outdoor addicts. Summer is officially here as June 20th was the first day of summer. No doubt we are feeling the heat on the lake as we fished several days last week with temps in low-to-mid 90s. In the summer months, it is very important to get on the lake early since its common to catch half of the day’s catch in the first couple of hours of daylight. When I fish I set phone alarm to go off at 4:30 a.m. as first light currently is around 5:45 a.m. I normally try to have a personal quiet time, eat some breakfast, load rods/tackle in the boat and ice down sandwiches and bottle water. Depending on whether I’m fishing Toledo or Sam Rayburn determines when I have to leave the lake house as its about 30 minutes to pavilion ramp on Big Sam. Since we are officially into summer, each day will have a little less daylight until we get to December 21 which is the first day of winter.

LAKE CONDITIONS: At midweek the lake level was 171.8’ which is slightly below official full pool at 172’ msl (mean sea level). Water temps are running from 79-83 degrees and north Toledo is moderately stained, mid lake is slightly stained- to- clear and south Toledo is clear to very clear. On the south end, there are some stained areas in the back portions of main feeder creeks. No generating was reported on the SRA website and recording.

BASS FISHING REPORT: Deep patterns continue to improve with humps and ridges in 16 to 26 feet being my favorite zone. We are targeting these with fairly heavy sinker (3/8 oz.) and 10 inch Berkley Power Worm in green pumpkin and plum. Other tools on ridges and humps include Carolina rigs with Boss Dog (Berkley lizard) and drop shot using Havoc Bottom Hopper in redbug, green pumpkin and June Bug. In addition, we are using deep diving crankbaits (DD22) on humps/ridges and using these early morning on the shallow ridges in 16-18 feet. Best crankbait colors have been blue chartreuse, pearl green flake and sexy shad.

There continues to be a shallow bite with Texas rigged Bottom Hoppers in green pumpkin, redbug and June Bug using light sinkers in 4 to 12 feet. Another shallow pattern is square bill crankbaits (Berkley Pit Bull) that runs 3 to 7’ in bream and shad patterns. Weightless soft plastics (Jerk Shad/Flukes) in pearl/white worked over shoreline grass are producing lots of action. Also, top water poppers with feathered tails are getting some quality bites. My favorite top water baits currently are Gun Fish and Yellow Magic in shad patterns. I fishing them with 15 lb. test Big Game mono and can throw them a long way with a Revo SX and 7’2” Fenwick Elite medium action rod.

CRAPPIE/YELLOW BASS: Crappie guide, Jack Adams, continues to catch daily limits of quality crappie with the main issue being the wind. Strong winds make it a challenge as most brush piles are on the main lake and exposed to the elements. Some days it is impossible to fish. Live shiners in 20-25 feet depths are the key. Anglers are also catching white perch/crappie under bridges including Pendleton and Lanana Bridges (locals pronounce it Lanans) with live shiners, 1/16 oz. crappie jigs as well as Road Runners. Yellow bass are starting to school with largemouth bath plus a few white bass as well. Small crankbaits, top water and jigging spoons are all working to catch these multi specie fish in schools.

Joe Joslin is a syndicated writer and is published by numerous websites, newspapers and magazines plus is a pro guide on Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn and a TPWD licensed guide since 1998. Contact at joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com, 337-463-3848/409-565-1288 and website www.joejoslinoutdoors.com.