A petition circulated last week by City residents has had its intended result.

The Leesville City Council voted unanimously at its Monday meeting to move its first meeting of each month to a 5 p.m. time slot.
The move came as a response to a petition circulated at the recent lunchtime town hall meeting at the Martin Luther King Community Center where a number residents complained that the City of Leesville was not listening to their complaints. 
"Almost all the people in the building signed the petition," Council-woman-at-large Alice Guess told the City Council.
Then she proposed the idea that the City Council meet at a later time at one of its meetings during the month.
The Council, which meets on the second and fourth Mondays at 2 p.m., agreed to move its first meeting of the month to 5 p.m. to accommodate residents.
Guess reiterated a concern which she voiced to residents who signed the petition:
"Years ago, before I was on the Council, the city did move the meetings to a later time, but it didn't last because no one showed up," she explained then.
According to Guess, about 33 people signed the petition.