Apple sent out invitations to the press today for an event on September 10 to announce its next iPhone. The event starts at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.

There shouldn't be too many surprises. We already know what Apple is going to announce. Even the date of the event leaked a few weeks early.

Here's what we know.

Apple will likely introduce two new iPhone models. The first will be the top-tier iPhone, which the press has dubbed the iPhone 5S. It'll look nearly identical to the current iPhone 5, but will have some improved internal hardware like a better camera and faster processor. The phone will also come in a gold color.

But the biggest news of the day will likely be the so-called iPhone 5C, a cheaper iPhone model that has a plastic body and will come in several color options. There have been a ton of leaked photos and videos of the iPhone 5C over the last several weeks, and the device will be Apple's first attempt to go after the low-end of the smartphone market. 

Part of the reason Apple doesn't have as big of a market share as Google's Android operating system is because its phones are much more expensive. A cheaper iPhone will make it easier for customers in markets like China to buy an iPhone. Many carriers in other countries don't subsidize the cost of smartphones, so customers end up paying hundreds of dollars more up front than U.S. customers do.

Finally, Apple will give us an overview of iOS 7, the upcoming operating system update for iPhones and iPads. iOS puts a fresh coat of paint on the current iPhone software thanks to new designs for its built-in apps and an overall more modern look.

Here's a look at the invitation Apple sent to the press:

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