As "Thor 3" production starts to get underway, Marvel announced that one of their own executives will work on the film's script.  

Craig Kyle will co-write the sequel's screenplay with longtime friend Christopher Yost, who also co-wrote the "Thor: The Dark World" script. 

Marvel announced Wednesday that Kyle will be transitioning from his executive role at the company to full-time screenwriting.  

That's a big change for the former SVP of Production and Development at Marvel Studios who started out at the company as the sole Creative Executive for the company's animation department. 

The "Thor" property has been a lucrative one for Disney and Marvel as "Thor: The Dark World" made $632.9 million worldwide.  

If that seems like a bit of a risk for Marvel, Kyle is one of the men behind the company's original character X-23, a female clone of Wolverine and co-wrote a few X-Men comics.  

He also served as executive producer and co-producer on both "Thor: The Dark World" and "Thor" respectively. 

In addition he has also developed, produced, and written a few of Marvel's original animated projects ranging from "Next Avengers" to "Thor: Tales of Asgard."  

There is no current release date for "Thor 3."

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